Directed by Jack Weatherley / Produced by  Shoot The Company

An intimate chronicle of the first ever Under-15 regional football league in Malawi, set up after three years of intense work, by FIFA and the Malawi FA.

It was an absolute privilege to be a part of this project, even though it was very challenging at times shooting in temperatures of 38c - 48c with a small crew of myself, my director and our sound man Tom Harburt. The characters we met and worked with were nothing short of inspirational, working tirelessly in order to facilitate our working methods, driving us around, opening doors and organising logistics constantly so that we could film so much content.

This is not the only film, there were also short films about the Malawi Women's FA, the school projects where children were taught after school hours to help them stay out of contact with local criminal gangs and also individual films of the incredible men and boys we meet briefly in this film - Humphrey, Kumbukani, Tione, James, Mphatso and the indomitable Captain John Kaputa.

Filmed on Sony F55 / Nikon ai primes.

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