Feature length examining the dramatic life of a struggling young writer torn between his hedonistic friends and the girl who offers him a route out of his troubles. this edit by stuart white
Directed by James Marquand / Produced by Pete Gibbons & Stephen Morris
Starring Chris Mason, Hannah Britland, Lucien Laviscount & Elliot Gleave

Format: Sony F55 / Zeiss Super Speed MK3
1st AC Chris Pollitt
2nd AC Jomar O'Meally
selected scenes - 5 Live chat show - Between Two Worlds ​​​​​​​
5 live chat show - between two worlds / feature film
Ryan & John watch best mate Connor and his girlfriend Emily be interviewed for a radio show. John does not like Emily... 
Shot at BBC Manchester studios after hours, mostly using and manipulating the house lights, adding extra fill and key lighting for the actors we shot handheld to keep a documentary, fly-on-the-wall feel to the scene. 
starring Chris Mason, Elliot Gleave, Lucien Laviscount, Bethan Wright and BBC's own Phil Williams as himself!
the morning after - Between Two Worlds
the morning after - between two worlds / feature film
Ryan finds himself in a sticky spot after being trapped in Susannah's web. Great fun to shoot these scenes, using unbroken camera moves to showcase the actor's choreography.
starring Chris Mason, Monica lopera and charlie anson.
the first date - Between Two Worlds

the first date - between two worlds / feature film
young author ryan, a lad about town, takes anna, somewhat of another league, on a first date having first met at a stiff agency gathering. 
starring chris mason and hannah britland. 

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