Directed by giles alderson / written & produced by anna ruben
starring Sabine Kviste / Ross Mullan / Marshall Griffin / Tim Fellingham / Anna Ruben / Rhys Howells / Mike Archer / Liza Van Der Smissen / Nikki Leigh Scott / Ramone Dale-Cruickshank / Dan Burman / Jessica Lawlor / Rupert Fawcett / Laurent Lucas / Ronin Traynor /Julie Rose Smith /Peter Revel-Walsh /Rob MacEgan
1st AC daniel svielenov / 2nd AC Josh pyman / gaffer Charlie Manning-Walker
something stirs in the hertfordshire hills… worthy of queen boudica herself, anna ruben fought to get this concept project off the ground and i was very pleased to be asked to shoot it for her. Director giles alderson knows what he wants and always has his characters in the zone. our budget did not allow for much more than a camera and a bagful of leaves to burn but using the english countryside, fabulous costume and the absolute total dedication of all cast and crew we humped and bumped and slashed and thumped our way through the woods and shot 113 plates in just 3 days and nights. The original, longer, film is here condensed into a punchy trailer to show to production companies and investors. 
shot on red dragon / zeiss primes

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